East Patch Keelboat Racing Apr 18th to Aug 29th 2018

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The season is now over - Prizegiving was held on Saturday 6th October at Helensburgh Sailing Club    

A similar schedule is planned for 2019

Racing for Handicap, White sails  &  Sonata One Design: 

All  visitors: If you are an East Patch racer I would like to hear from you. This is our fifth season using a website and some feed back would be really helpful. Ideas of anything else you would like to see? Maybe someone is a story writer or photographer and would like to publish a weekly/monthly story or pictures of the racing? Maybe it is cack and a waste of time and effort? Please let us know.


 Contact: web@eastpatch.org.uk




Page last updated September 2018



East Patch Racing has now completed 30 years of successful competition. Keelboat racing takes place just off Helensburgh on the East of the Clyde Estuary. A fantastic area that provides a variety of courses for all conditions, wind strengths and directions. There are several permanent marks including two large navigation towers plus several large seasonally laid marks which the clubs maintain.
Throughout the season from April to October there are 4 series, The initial Sunday afternoons have been temporarily cancelled so first racing will be as the days grow longer allowing more light for Wednesday evening racing. The autumn series on Sundays has also been temporarily cancelled.
These series are suited to all racing fanatics at any level and  anyone wanting to join the crew of a keelboat will almost always find a helmsman looking for some added ballast.
There's some great one design racing to be had in Sigma 33's, Sonars & Sonatas.


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